Exceptional Transportation

Innovation is an asset to the company and today it has permitted to Impresa Trasporti Asiani to be able to execute exceptional transportation for size and weight and with carry capacity trailers till 130 ton.
Our experience acquired along these years has permitted us to be present in the most important production realities in Italy and in Europe.
We are able to meet the target in all its demanding requests following constantly each operation phase till the delivery.
Essential for a good result is the strong collaboration with our partner companies specialized in particular sectors connected to our offered services. These collaborations permit us to deliver to our customers cumbersome goods with difficult movement.

Complete load transportations

Thanks to our wide set of equipments and to a strong distributors network all over Europe, we are able to serve our customers in every kind of road transportation (completed, dedicated and fast).
Only with a specific request, we offer anytime our equipments and our stuff completed dedicated on a particular urgency and exclusivity:
We can help you in:

  • Asking for and getting all authorizations from exceptional transportation agencies
  • On-site analysis to choose the best route for any exceptional transport
  • Active support to your technical offices in order to achieve the best solution, both in financial and safety terms, for the transport you assign to us
  • Storage of goods before delivery